About Mister Brown

Full time buffoon, part time failed writer, occasional civil litigator and amateur comfort enthusiast, Mister Brown is the greatest thing since sliced bread was replaced by artisanal sourdough. Not quite sure? Just ask him, he’ll tell you.

Insufficiently wittery to be Mark Kermode, insufficiently Jewish to be Jay Rayner, insufficiently intelligent to be Chritopher Hitchens, and despite practising really bloody hard, insufficiently rotund to be Charles Campion, he nonetheless fancies himself as something of a critic.

So opinionated, even his opinions have opinions, Mister Brown applies his melifluous shitwittery to a broad range of subjects, and very little shall escape his critical eye.

His singular brand of wit is not to everyone’s taste, so if you decide to solider on through, you’ll have to excuse his penchant for an excessively effervescent simile, the odd morsel of profanity and more than the occasional dose of medium grade bullshit but perservere and there might just be something half decent herein.

No warranties though, no money back guarantee and no off-menu substitutions permitted.